PHECC Practitioner Re-Registration Survey

Last July over 46% of our registrants completed a survey of our online re-registration process. This was the first time a study of this type was undertaken. One of the main objectives of the survey was to ascertain registrant satisfaction with the process, in order to identify where change or further development may be required.  Overall, 92% of respondents indicated satisfaction with the re-registration process. We received valuable feedback on how the process could be improved and the specific areas where individuals had difficulties.   We have now reviewed and analysed the survey data and are implementing a number of initiatives to improve the re-registration process.

Registrant feedback

Registrants had comments on a range of topics and the following responses are provided for information and clarification.


Licences to practice were always issued annually.  For administrative purposes, before the online process was available, registrants were requested to re-register every three years, with licences issued annually during that cycle.  Now the development of online re-registration, together with annual re-registration and re-alignment of expiry dates has streamlined the process for the benefit of registrants.

The licence expiry dates are:

Level on the Register

Registration Expiry Date

 Advanced Paramedic  30th September
 Paramedic  31st May
 Emergency Medical Technician  31st March


Re-registration opens on the following dates:

Level on the Register

Registration Opening Date

Advanced Paramedic 08th July
Paramedic 07th March
Emergency Medical Technician 06th January

Reminder emails are sent every two weeks during the re-registration period.

Registrants should ensure that the email address provided to PHECC is current. Please be aware that issues have arisen with some providers resulting in mail not being received. Check your “Spam & Junk” folders and if you are still experiencing difficulties please check with your mail host.


Your logon PHECC credentials are (unless you have changed them):
Username: [PIN Number]
Password: [DOB+PIN Number] (numbers only, no spaces or other characters)
e.g. User with DOB 31/01/1900 and PIN 0001 Username: 0001 Password: 310119000001


Registration fees are available in the Schedule of Fees, which is approved by Council on an annual basis. The following is the breakdown.

Annual registration   €10 
Late application (four weeks prior to expiry date of licence) €20
Restoration (Up to one month following licence expiry date) €50
Post restoration period (after one1 month licence expiry date) €100

Payment can be made by:
  • Credit/Visa Debit Card (via Online Re-registration)
  • Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Draft
  • PayPal.
We are currently testing a method of integrating PayPal into the registration process.


In order for an application for re-registration to be deemed complete the online submission, or paper form if requested, and payment must be received.  At present two confirmation emails are issued. The first states that the application has been submitted and the second that payment has been received. In response to your feedback, we are reviewing the content of both notifications to ensure clarity of purpose.  

Registrants are reminded that:

-    Late fees apply and licences are printed after the re-registration closing dates, details of which are below.

Level on the Register

Re-Registration Closing Date

Advanced Paramedic 2nd September
Paramedic 3rd May
Emergency Medical Technician 3rd March

-    There is a facility to log-on and print receipts.

Re-registration process

We are currently in consultation with our service provider regarding format, design and layout.

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)

CPG upskilling and competency are key requirements of being a registered health professional on the PHECC Register. CPGs are a clinical aspect of our activities and full details are available in the Clinical Resources section of our website. The publication of CPGs is a very important event for Pre-Hospital Emergency Care and it is notified to recognised institutions (RIs), employers and reported in the PHECC Voice and Facebook. It is not intended to have a link to CPG material in the Re-registration process.

Continuous Professional Competency (CPC)

The annual CPC cycle for EMTs commenced on the 1st Nov and will operate in conjunction with re-registration. Details of CPC can be found on our website, and in the PHECC Voice. Feedback and queries relating to EMT CPC should be sent to The CPC standard for advanced paramedics and paramedics have yet to be published.

Based on the feedback we received we are initiating improvements to the re-registration system. When completed this will enhance the re-registration experience for our registrants.  Once again we would like to thank all those who completed the survey and we are very appreciative of the amount of feedback that you provided, your contribution has assisted in our continuous improvement programme.