About our Committees

Council is advised and assisted by various committees and working groups which consist of both Council members and health industry and community partners.

The Education and Standards Committee make recommendations regarding policy and procedure in Education and Training Standards. TOR015 - Terms of Reference

The Audit Committee, which reports to Council, monitors and reviews the effectiveness of financial controls.

The Quality and Safety Committee advise on operational aspects of clinical care matters. TOR014 - Terms of Reference

The Priority Dispatch Committee consider and advise Council on priority dispatch matters. The Priority Dispatch Committee is a Standing Committee of Council. TOR013 Terms of Reference

The Fitness to Practice Committee oversees the practice of PHECC registered pre-hospital emergency care practitioners, whose names are entered in the PHECC Register.

The Medical Advisory Committee is an expert group who consider medical matters as referred to it either by Council, the Quality and Safety or Education and Standards Committees or by the PHECC office. TOR012 Terms of Reference

The Appeal Panel considers appeals of decisions of the Director and adjudicates on those appeals.

If you would like more information about the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council or its committees please contact info@phecc.ie