Clinical Standards

A Clinical Standard is a document that describes the care of patients, for a specific clinical condition or defined clinical pathway, by PHECC practitioners and/or responders in more detail than can be accommodated on a PHECC Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG).

Clinical Standards are developed by the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and approved by Council. MAC use current evidence, their clinical expertise and consideration of issues that affect the delivery of care, when developing clinical standards.

Clinical Standards will also inform Recognised Institutes (RIs) of details in relation to the clinical condition being taught within the RI.

STN029_PHECC Standard for Medication Use During Pregnancy V3
PHECC are pleased to advise the publication of an updated version of STN029_PHECC Standard for Medication Use During Pregnancy V3. This version is released following consultation with Clinical Pharmacists in the National Maternity and Rotunda Hospitals and review by the Medical Advisory Committee. The PHECC Field Guide medication formulary entries have also been updated with the new guidance and can be found in the coloured tabs at the bottom of each medication entry. The updated standard is available here