Medication Formulary 2021

The Medication Formulary is published by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) to enable pre-hospital emergency care practitioners to be competent in the use of medications permitted under Medicinal Products 7th Schedule (SI 177 of 2021). This is a summary document only and practitioners are advised to consult with official publications to obtain detailed information about the medications used.

The conditions under which practitioners or responders may administer the medications are outlined in the formulary.

The dose specified on the relevant CPG shall be the definitive dose in relation to practitioner or responder administration of a medication.

The Medication Formulary is published as an appendix of the relevant CPG level manual

Advanced Paramedic


EMT - incorporating BTEC

EFR - incorporating BTEC


2017 CPGs

Practitioner and Responder Medications & Skills Matrix

The Medications & Skills Matrix is a quick ready reckoner to check the medications and skills that apply to each clinical level.

Medication use during pregnancy by PHECC practitioners

The use of any medication during pregnancy is a concern because of the potential that the medication may have unanticipated effects on the fetus. Pregnant women are routinely excluded from clinical trials that evaluate medication efficacy and safety therefore there is little objective or scientific data available with most medications during pregnancy. 

When treating an acute event, the decision by a PHECC practitioner to use a particular medication has to be based not only on benefits to the pregnant woman but also the potential risks to the fetus. This therefore requires that PHECC practitioners have an understanding of the risks and benefits of the use of the medications available to them when treating pregnant patients.  

The Medical Advisory Committee, following advice from a pharmacist, has developed the PHECC Medication use during Pregnancy standard to enable PHECC practitioners make informed decisions in relation to medication safety during pregnancy.  

Each medication is designated using a traffic light system; Red (Absolute contraindication), Amber (Consider with caution) or Green (No clinical issue identified). Please note that some medications may have a qualified descriptor such as ‘labour’, which will have a suggested action outlined.

STN029_PHECC Standard for Medication use during pregnancy