Preliminary Proceedings Sub Committee Process following a complaint.


The Preliminary Proceedings Sub Committee process comprises of 5 elements;

  • Allegation – The process commences on receipt of a formal allegation of professional misconduct or unfitness to practice.


  • Engage with Registrant - The Registrar will then forward the nature of the allegation and any supporting documentation to the Registered Practitioner against whom the allegation has been made.


  • Response - This Registered Practitioner will be invited to respond in writing concerning the contents of the allegation. The time period (response time) for this reply will be 28 days from posting (by registered post) of the allegation.


  • Preliminary Proceedings Sub Committee – On receipt of the response from the Registered Practitioner or at the end of the response time the Registrar shall lay before the Preliminary Proceedings Sub Committee the allegation of professional misconduct or unfitness to practice or both from the complainant, the response from the registered practitioner and all associated documents for their consideration.
  • Pronouncement- The function of the Preliminary Proceedings Sub Committee will be to consider all allegations and, following examination of the allegations and all other documentation may either:
    find there is no case to investigate, or 
    refer the allegation to the Fitness to Practice Committee for investigation.