Registration Renewal - Advanced Paramedic, Paramedic and EMT Practitioners

Each year all PHECC registered Practitioners must apply to renew their licence for the coming year.  An online application process is available to facilitate this (paper option available on request).  Each Practitioner will be required to complete this process, including the payment of the annual fee, in order to maintain their status on the PHECC Register.  Relevant dates for each division (AP, Paramedic and EMT) are detailed below.  Please note, notification is sent to the Practitioners registered email address, but this email is not required to complete the process.  Full instructions are provided in the Step by Step Guide on the right hand side of this page.

Advanced Paramedic



Notification Date:

8th July

7th March

6th January

Closing Date:

2nd September

3rd May

3rd March

Expiry Date:

30th September

31st May

31st March

Logon Details

Due to upgrades in the security of our systems and to better protect registrant data, you may be asked (if you haven’t already done so) to change your password to include both letters and numbers.  To begin this process, enter your username (PIN) and click the Forgot Password option.  An email will be sent to your registered account with a reset password link.  Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password to something only you will know.


If you request a password reset by phone or email, the Registration Team will reset your password using the following format: 

For anyone who joined the Register prior to 1st August 2022, your username is your 4 digit PIN and your password will be capital P followed by your date of birth (ddmmyyyy) and then your PIN  PDOBPIN, if you qualified after the 1st August 2022, use your 6 digit PIN, for example:


Existing 4 Digit PINs (up to 1st Aug 2022)

PIN = 1234

DOB = 01/01/1900

Username = 1234

Password = P010119001234


New 6 digit PINs (issued after 1st August 2022) 

PIN = 501234

DOB = 01/01/1900

Username = 501234

Password = P01011900501234


Once logged in you should change this to something only you will know by clicking your name on the top left of the screen when logged in and you’ll find your password settings on the security tab.

Re-Registration Process

  1. 12 weeks prior to licence expiry, each Practitioner will be notified that they must complete the re-registration process. The administrative deadline for processing applications is 4 weeks prior to licence expiry date (please see table above for relevant dates). A list of registrants due for renewal may also be sent to relevant employers. A €10 registration fee may be due.

  2. 4 weeks prior to licence expiry (please see table above for relevant dates), those who have not re-registered will be notified that they have until the last day of their licence expiry to complete the re-registration process. Re-registration at this point will incur a late registration fee of €10 in addition to the €10 registration fee which is due (€20 in total). Relevant employers may also be informed of the outstanding registrants.

  3. On the final day of the registrant’s current licence those who have failed to re-register will be informed that they have been placed on the Inactive Register and that they are NO longer authorised to implement PHECC CPGs NOR are they authorised to administer medications as per SI 510 of 2005, SI 512 of 2008 or SI 300 of 2014. In order to reinstate their status on the PHECC register they must either:
    • Restoration Period - successfully re-register within the Restoration Period (1 months from licence expiry date – fee €50). During the restoration period practitioners are NOT registered and their practice is limited until they successfully re-register.

    • Post Restoration Period - After 1 month - An application by letter to the Registrar is required outlining reasons for late re-registration including a CV indicating experience and training undertaken since registration lapsed. This incurs a fee of €100.

Summary - Periods and Fees


Late Application Period

- Four weeks prior to expiry of licence - €20 (Includes the established registration fee of €10)

Restoration Period

- Up to one month following licence expiry date - €50 (Includes the established registration fee of €10)

Post Restoration Period

- One month after licence expiry date - €100 (Includes the established registration fee of €10)

Online Re-registration step-by-step guide

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the re-registration system can be found here.