The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Partners with Irish Technology Company TestReach for the Delivery of Computer-Based Examinations

PHECC is pleased to announce its collaboration with TestReach for the provision of delivery and support of its computer-based examinations.

PHECC has recently partnered with TestReach in order to provide the innovative solutions required to support PHECC’s strategy for exceptional exam delivery.

TestReach is already used by leading medical organisation and awarding bodies worldwide and has an established record of ensuring a positive candidate exam experience backed up by high-quality services and support, especially in the area of remote invigilation.

PHECC is mindful of the 6-month deadline for candidates to complete their exams and if necessary, we will extend the eligibility of candidates who may be affected by this changeover, in order for them to take the MCQ on time. 

Candidates may notice that the MCQ test centres have limited availability for the remainder of 2022. This is necessary in order for PHECC to accommodate this transition. 

PHECC in collaboration with TestReach will ensure that there is minimal disruption to all NQEMT candidates. We will provide plenty of available MCQ places for candidates in time for the next scheduled Paramedic Examinations in January 2023 as well as the next EMT OSCE examination scheduled for March 2023 and onward.

Should you wish to take your exam prior to November 24th, 2022, please click on the link below, alternatively the exam bookings system will be unavailable until January 2023.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

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