The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Partners with Irish Technology Company TestReach for the Delivery of Computer-Based Examinations

PHECC has recently partnered with TestReach in order to provide the innovative solutions required to support PHECC’s strategy for exceptional exam delivery.   

The exam bookings system is now available.  The MCQ is available to be taken via remote invigilation (from the comfort of the candidates own home or office).  Please ensure that you have submitted an MCQ application form via the exam portal in order to be accommodated on these exams.  You will be prompted for payment via PayPal when submitting your application. 

Please click on the following link to set up your user account. You will “new candidate sign up option” , once this is completed and verified by your training provider, you will receive a confirmation email. You will then need to apply for your upcoming exam and all future exams , please ensure that you have a passport sized photo to upload. You will be directed to our PayPal page in order to make payments for your exam and or any viewing or recheck requests via the portal.  Please do not apply for your examinations unless you are ready to do so as you will be automatically assigned to the next available exam window. 

Exam applications and fees are non transferable/non refundable.  Please ensure that you refer to the examinations calendar for examination dates and deadlines for applications.  All exams components must be completed successfully, within six months of completing your training programme.

MCQ Candidates -Test Centre Exams PHECC offers one date per quarter at a Dublin Test Centre to candidates to take their exam for the upcoming OSCE. It is important that candidates apply at least 10 days in advance for this exam date. Candidates with additional educational requirements who require the Voiceover option, must provide their supporting medical report outlining additional accommodations when applying for their examination. The Test Centre is also available to those who are eligible to use the Voiceover option. Please be advised that the remote invigilation examinations do now have this facility.
TestReach FAQs

Kind Regards, 
The PHECC Exam Team
You can contact us at or 045 882042