EMT Application Process and Fee Payment

To be awarded the NQEMT at EMT level a candidate must successfully complete a two component examination:
1) NQEMT - EMT Assessment: Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) computer based examination and 2) a practical skills assessment: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).   

MCQ Exam Application
The candidate must complete an exam application form, ensure that it is certified by the course director or education manager and stamped by the RI. The application form, with photo ID, must be submitted to PHECC no later than the deadline published in the PHECC Examination Calendar.

  1. Failure to submit a fully-completed application form will result in the application being refused.
  2. A candidates’ signature on the application form verifies that all sections of the exam handbook have been read and understood and that he/she is committed to abiding by the terms and conditions.
  3. On receipt of the application form PHECC will issue each candidate with an authorisation email which will include a unique examination/eligibility number, together with an MCQ guide.  This will normally involve a five (5) business day turnaround period.
  4. If applying for special considerations see candidate handbook.

Candidate Fee

The candidate must submit the appropriate fee according to the current schedule of fees  for the NQEMT exam. Payment has to be made as part of online booking with Prometric to ensure the booking transaction is completed.  This fee is non-refundable.

Candidate Prometric Test  Booking

  1. On receipt of the authorisation email candidates can commence online booking with Prometric through the PHECC websiteThe examination fee will be paid to Prometric online to complete the booking.

  2. The MCQ exam will be available to eligible candidates to undertake at a location and date of their choice.

  3. Candidates should ensure that there are five (5) full business days between the date of booking and the date of taking the exam.

  4. The contact number for Prometric is 042 682 5678 

  5. Remote MCQ testing is now available to all MCQ candidates (see video link). This option allows candidates to test from their own home.  (It is essential that candidates read the user guide below prior to booking a MCQ via remote testing with Prometric).

    Please read the Remotely Proctored Exam User Guide

    What you need to Test Remotely:

    1. Windows PC (operating at version 8 or above)– Please Note: MAC is NOT suitable for your exam.  You cannot use your phone or tablet.
    1. Google Chrome is required to access the Exam.  You must have the latest Google Chrome web browser for Windows installed. You cannot use any other type of web browser.
    1. Complete System Check, It is necessary that you download and Install Software Before Launching and Taking the Exam

    Once software is downloaded and installed, your environment will be checked to ensure you are able to take your Test without issues.

OSCE Examination

Following the successful completion of the MCQ, candidates will be notified by email, of the date, time and location of the next available OSCE.

OSCE Repeat Candidates

Candidates applying for repeat OSCEs must submit their application, together with the appropriate fee, no later than twenty days (4 weeks) prior to the OSCE date published in the exam calendar. 

NQEMT EMT OSCE Exam Dates  In line with the NQEMT Handbook, the first 100 candidates to successfully complete their MCQ examination prior to the closing date (listed on the examination calendar) will be accommodated on the next upcoming OSCE. 
All remaining eligible candidates will be assigned to the following OSCE date (quarterly exams).