Fitness to Practice

Fitness to Practice is there to;

  • protect the public
  • protect practitioners
  • ensure the good name of the profession

You cannot have an effective professional Register without an efficient Fitness to Practice régime.

"Any registered practitioner who acts according to their status on the Register, complies with CPGs and the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics has nothing to fear from Fitness to Practice”- Dr Geoff King.

Fitness to Practice system is governed by the following principles;

  • adherence to the principles of fairness and natural justice
  • consistency and transparency
  • confidentiality 
  • timeliness

How will it operate?

The Fitness to Practice Committee (FTPC) is facilitated and supported by the operation of two committees;

  • Health Committee (HC)
  • Preliminary Proceedings Sub-Committee (PPSC)

It is proposed that the FTPC will deal with ethical issues and that the HC will deal with lifestyle issues, including the case of practitioners whose practice may be compromised by ill health or addiction, and the PPSC would screen or filter complaints or concerns.

Committee Memberships (link)