Educational awards

Council sets the standards for teaching practitioner and responder level courses. Click on the link to read the 2021 updated Council approved 'Teaching Faculty Framework' document.


Application procedure: 
  • All new EA applicants must be submitted to PHECC by a nominating Facilitator acting on behalf of a recognised institution.
  • Applications must be forwarded electronically, in one attachment, to
  • To make new application Facilitators must be familiar with the current teaching faculty framework and follow the guidance document before completing the educational award application form.
  • Council fees apply and must be paid in advance via our PayPal facility.
  • Please note that the process can take 6-8 weeks.
  • Incomplete applications, missing documentation or omitted fees will result in the application being returned.    


EA Renewal Application

Individual award holders are responsible for renewing their qualification. To renew the  qualification (every 6 years), individuals must be familiar with the current Teaching Faculty Framework before completing the renewal form.

If you have any further queries please contact us at


Guidance document on how to make an EA Application

Educational Award Application Forms

By clicking on the award titles below you can access the up-to-date list of educational award holders.
Assistant Tutors