Guidance and Portfolios

Below you will find resources to assist you in completing and recording your CPC. The 2018 EMT CPC Guidance Book is the latest set of guidelines for EMT CPC and should be read before beginning to collect your CPC. Each CPC item is broken down within the booklet to help you understand what is required. Included below is also a PHECC recommended blank portfolio, in both Word and PDF format, that you can use to record your CPC along with a Template portfolio which has an explanation on each page. While we have provided a paper option, we would also suggest that you view the online electronic Portfolio below.



CPC Guide for Emergency Medical Technicians 2018


PHECC CPC portfolio guidance 2019


Sample blank CPC portfolio 2019/2020 PDF version

Sample blank PHECC CPC portfolio 2019/2020 WORD version 
Relaxation of EMT CPC Requirements due to COVID-19
EMT CPC Case Study Marking Rubic


PHECC CPC Portfolio user guide