Certification and licence

Annual Registration Certificate


Council have approved the award of an annual registration certificate to PHECC-registered practitioners.

The sample contained on the right is for demonstration purposes only. The final version contains additional enhancements but the overall layout and contents remain the same. The certificate contains a practitioner’s name, PHECC PIN number and their associated division on the register. In addition to this the certificate also contains both the Chairman’s and the Registrar’s signatures along with an expiry date and security hologram.

Registered Practitioners Licence


Council have approved the issue of a registered practitioners licence to all members of the PHECC register.

The licence provides evidence of membership and division on the PHECC Register while also containing a Practitioners photograph, their PHECC PIN number and their registration expiry date. This initiative will discourage elitism and engender an inclusive approach incorporating a corporate image while promoting an ethos of professionalism. The sample on the right is a draft of the proposed Licence.

PHECC-registered practitioners are authorised to administer medications only through their membership of the PHECC Register. Thus a registered practitioner can use their licence in a statutory, voluntary or private service provider capacity and is independent of service and or employer.
Registration Certificate