Council’s Governance Validation Framework for Licenced CPG Providers

The Governance Validation Framework (GVF) will promote the practice of continuous quality improvement for licenced CPG providers and will lead to services being assessed over a number of themes that support best practice. 

What will the GVF mean to PHECC’s stakeholders when it is in place?

  • As registered practitioners: This means that the systems that are in place to support your practice are being reviewed by PHECC and consultation and engagement with practitioners will take place on site nationally.
  • As a licenced CPG provider: This means that once the system is fully in place assessments will be carried out and the results of these inspections will be made available to the public.
  • As a member of the public: This means that reports will be published and made available to you. This will increase your confidence that the regulator is acting on your behalf and your safety is of paramount importance to PHECC.

PHECC will update you on the progression of the GVF as it develops.