NQEMT Examination Results 

PHECC oversees the NQEMT examination process at paramedic and EMT levels; setting the standard for course content, writing questions, training and approving examiners, marking exam papers, issuing results, dealing with appeals and awarding the National Qualification in Emergency Medical Technology (NQEMT). Both EMT and Paramedic exam candidates take the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) component of the exam at a network of Prometric test centres nationally. 

In 2012 the devolvement of the NQEMT AP examination from PHECC to NASC/UCD took place and this was identified as an important step towards moving from a vocational to a tertiary model of education.

PHECC awards to successful candidates at all levels following completion of the PHECC NQEMT examinations and holders of the NQEMT may then apply to PHECC for entry on to the PHECC register. Congratulations to all who were successful in the NQEMT examinations during 2015 and here is a breakdown of the results at Paramedic and EMT level.