Can I Practice at this event?

This is a question that we frequently hear, especially in relation to voluntary events or other commercial events or activities.

The answer to this question is very straight forward and clear. "Cover" for events always involves three players or partners. The three players involved in the provision of pre-hospital emergency care are:

  • you, the practitioner
  • the service provider, on whose behalf you are providing care and
  • PHECC, the Regulator.

Each partner has three responsibilities.

1.    Practitioners must:
  • be PHECC registered
  • be privileged by the service provider to implement specific CPGs and administer medications
  • only practice on behalf of a PHECC licenced service provider.

2.    Service Providers must:
  • upskill practitioners in CPGs
  • privilege practitioners to implement specific CPGs
  • be licenced by PHECC.


3.    PHECC must:
  • register practitioners
  • publish CPGs
  • licence service providers to implement CPGs.


This practice regime is what we refer to as a "Triple Lock". As a PHECC registered practitioner your ability to practice, authority to implement CPGs and administer medications must meet the "Triple Lock Test". If you cannot answer yes to any of the requirements in 1 above then your practice will NOT BE LEGAL.

If you are considering "providing cover" at an event a simple check of the PHECC website, in the Clinical Resources section, will tell you if the service provider is on the list of licenced service providers approved to implement CPGs.

You may NOT legally provide cover at an event if the service provider is not on the list of licenced service providers approved to implement CPGs.