Recognised Institutions at EMT Level meet in PHECC

Representatives from seven Recognised Institutions(RIs) at EMT level attended a very worth while meeting in PHECC recently.

The objective of the meeting was twofold: 1) endorse the partnership between the RIs and PHECC; ensuring that the NQEMT EMT students gain knowledge and competency to deliver appropriate care to the patient and 2) identify any steps along this path which could be evaluated for improvement that PHECC and /or the Institutions could address.

The key areas of discussion at the meeting were:
  1. Application process for examinations
  2. Student examination success/unsuccessful rates
  3. Examinations calendar and future planning
  4. Mock MCQ examination capabilities for student in preparation for examinations
  5. Management of the PHECC examiner panel
The Director, Dr Geoff King, Registrar, Barry O’Sullivan and Jacqueline Egan, Programme Development Officer/Chair of Examination Quality Committee, thanked the group for working closely together, and with PHECC, in making the new ‘super examinations’ work for all parties. They re-iterated that PHECC will continue to work closely with the Institutions again this year in the management of the examinations and retain the concept of super examinations whilst addressing the needs of PHECC, the Institutions and the EMS industry. It was agreed by all that collaborative working was needed in order to continually improve the NQEMT EMT examination process.

The current administration of examinations is carried out, in most instances,by the Institution with the highest number of candidates. We believe that in the future this process will lay the foundations for the devolvement of the EMT examinations. This devolvement will be in line with the NASC/UCDNQEMT Advanced Paramedic and some elements of the Paramedic assessment which is currently underway.

For further information contact or the examinations coordinator

Institution accredited by PHECC to deliver training at EMT level

Name of Recognised Institution  EMT 

Academy of Emergency Care
(Emergency Medical Department-C.U.H.)


Civil Defence Ireland


Dublin Fire Brigade /RoyalCollege of
Surgeons ofIreland


Emergency Services Training Institute


Irish Ambulance Training Institute

Irish Red Cross P
Medicall Ambulance Service P

National Ambulance Service College 

Order of Malta Ireland P

St. John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland