PHECC Logo Usage

The PHECC logo is the property of the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council.

PHECC approved/accredited/recognised/sponsored institutions and organisations are encouraged to avail of the privilege of using the logo and to include it to indicate their status in relation to PHECC in accordance with the terms of use granted.

The PHECC logo may only be used by organisations/institutions that are in current good standing, provided that the prescribed text accompanying the logo reflects their status accurately.

It is essential that members of the public and those involved in the pre-hospital domain continue to have confidence that the PHECC logo correctly identifies an organisation as being PHECC-recognised for the purpose of the services they are advertising.

It has come to our attention that nonrecognised training institutions and individuals are engaging in the misuse of the PHECC logo and name for the promotion of services or products. This of course is illegal and we always endeavour to have the matter resolved informally. Failing an informal resolution we then put the matter in the hands of our legal representatives.

PHECC strives to protect its name and logo at all times, and is seeking your help in ensuring its ongoing and continued protection. Should any registered practitioner or other reader of the Voice have clear evidence of such misrepresentation please report the misuse by emailing, giving as much detail as possible in the strictest confidence.