CPC for EMTs

PHECC are introducing Continuous Professional Competence (CPC), in stages, for all PHECC registered practitioners according to their registration status. CPC for EMTs started in November 2013. This year marks the completion of a full assessment cycle for the EMT division of the Register.

The preliminary indications from the initial review of submitted portfolios are very positive.

As most EMTs know, CPC assessments were conducted during November this year. We have seen a vast improvement in both the quality and standard of the CPC portfolios evaluated this year compared with the trial assessments conducted last year. In fact, the results are six times better this year, which marks an enormous improvement in a 12-month period. We think the reason behind this improvement is a combination of the extensive consultation exercise carried out along with the 2017 guidance booklet, the sample portfolios and the roadshows which were conducted during the year.
The standard of portfolio is much higher, with some very detailed and worthwhile case studies and reflective practices demonstrated during the assessments. A detailed breakdown of results will follow once the process is completed. Currently some additional information or clarification has been sought from several registrants. Another group of registrants have been requested to complete compensation measures by March 2018.

CPC for paramedics and advanced paramedics has commenced with the establishment of a CPC sub-committee by the Education and Standards Committee. As the EMT division of the Register have been leading the way on implementation of CPC, the EMT CPC co-ordinator has been invited to participate as a member of this sub-committee.

Finally, if you have not been selected to submit your portfolio for assessment this year, you must still have one completed for the 2016/2017 cycle and a new portfolio should have been started on the 1st of November just past for the 2017/2018 cycle. 

 If you have any questions in regards EMT CPC, please email omar@phecc.ie.