Annual Renewal Application for Recognised & Approved Training Institutions

In April 2021, Council approved a new annual renewal application system for all PHECC institutions. The three-year renewal cycle is now replaced with a yearly renewal application. Recognised Institutions (RIs) and Approved Training Institutions (ATIs) must now apply to renew their status with PHECC annually.  Each RI and ATI will be required to complete this process, including the payment of the annual fee, in order to maintain their standing with PHECC.
Full information is available in current Council Rules for Recognition of Institution and Approval of Training Institutions here. While Council’s Schedule of Fees has been amended to accommodate the annual renewal fee, endorsement from the Department of Health is awaited.
You are invited to regularly review the updated web pages where the new application process for annual renewal and new courses applications is explained. You can also read and download the suite of new application forms. Updates on Council fees will also be posted.

Renewal applications


From this point forward, each RI/ATI has been allocated a renewal date in one of the four quarters per year.  The example below identifies relevant dates for Q3 and Q4 in 2021. Dates for 2022 will be issued in November. The PHECC office will communicate directly with every institution by email to inform them of their allocated renewal period and how to make a successful submission.

 2021 Quarter 3 – (July/September)
 Date Detail   Closing date  
 01/06/2021   Notification email informing institutions of the closing 
  date for receipt of renewal applications and payment.  
 2021 Quarter 4 – (October/December)
 Date  Detail  Closing date
 01/09/2021    Notification email informing institutions of the closing 
 date for receipt of renewal applications and payment.


Submission of documentation


PHECC have developed an online folder structure that utilises SharePoint for institutions to submit all forms and supporting documentation for their applications. The new annual renewal form acts like a checklist and lists the supporting documents required:


  1. Up-to-date faculty membership
  2. Quality Review Framework (QRF) Self-assessment Toolkit
  3. List of updated policies since last renewal (if applicable)
  4. The annual declaration form (non-statutory)
  5. Fees due will also be communicated with the institution directly by email.