All PHECC Stakeholders and members of the Public

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in significant challenges and changes in how healthcare is being delivered in Ireland. PHECC is conscious that many individual organisations and others are already taking steps to deliver their services and support the state in how we all manage this unprecedented situation.


PHECC want to acknowledge and commend the work being carried out by the army of PHECC Licensed CPG providers, RIs, ATIs and individual PHECC registrants and responders.

Over this current period PHECC intends to make provisions to support and facilitate the requirements of the pre-hospital care system in Ireland in the coming period, in doing so we intend to engage in responsive regulation and provide flexibility where necessary.
Internally PHECC is also making provisions to respond to the situation and ensure business continuity in key systems.

In this context be advised that during the current COVID-19 response:

  • The PHECC office will continue to be open and functioning, however, all visits by members of the public will occur by prior arrangement, until further notice
  • PHECC are requesting that communication with the PHECC office should occur via email whenever possible
  • For up to date NQEMT Examination Information please consult with "Your Exam Queries Answered".
PHECC will work with any institutions affected by the above arrangements and will review options to grant extensions to current licences and certification where this is necessary to ensure essential service provision.

PHECC are currently working to accommodate applications from registrants of all levels who were previously registered with PHECC and who wish to re-join the PHECC register to assist with the current Covid-19 response.  Details of the process will be published as soon as this is finalised.

PHECC are also developing pathways to facilitate practitioners who are seeking to return from abroad to also assist with the COVID-19 response, both previous PHECC registrants and new registrants.  Details of these pathways will also be published as soon as they are agreed.

Contrary to recently posted inaccurate information, PHECC have not relaxed the crewing model requirements for an emergency response ambulance.  The Council have, however, made provision for this to happen when it is considered necessary.  Please be assured that if this decision is made, it will be directly notified to all PHECC Licenced CPG Providers.

Responding to Queries

Over the coming weeks PHECC will adjust the standard timeframe for responses to allow for new ways of working for staff. Should you have a requirement to contact PHECC, each enquiry will be reviewed and will be redirected to an assigned respondent. PHECC will respond accordingly and we request your understanding as we refine our new systems with relation to responding to queries. 


Phecc activity Email contact 
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CPG Licensing and Renewal
RI & ATI enquiries
NQEMT & Responder exam enquiries

N.B. PHECC ask that you do not send the same query to multiple email addresses as there is a risk that the response to your query could be further delayed.

Individual staff members contact information is available here

Thank you for your continued assistance during these difficult times.

Richard Lodge

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council

PHECC Register: COVID-19 special division

A temporary division of the register of pre-hospital emergency care practitioners has been created (COVID-19 special division) to quickly accommodate the return to practice of former registrants on the register, and to register suitably qualified pre-hospital emergency care practitioners from outside the State.

For full details on how to join this register please view our PHECC Register: COVID-19 special division page.

PHECC Advisory on COVID-19

To advise responders and practitioners, who are providing pre-hospital emergency care during the Covid-19 pandemic, PHECC has developed an Advisory note to inform best practice in the interest of infection prevention and control.

For full details please view our PHECC Advisory on COVID-19  page.

NQEMT Examinations
COVID-19 Updates

Your Examination Queries Answered (Covid-19)
NQEMT examinations continue to take place during COVID restrictions with additional measures in place in order to control the spread of COVID-19. Please refer to the latest information here.  Should you have any queries please contact