Prometric Test Centres:

As planned Prometric Test Centres opened on Monday 8th June.   
New distancing and infection control guidelines have been put in place in Test Centres. This information can be found on the Prometric website and is described below for your information.  It is important that you are familiar with the measures in place in the Test Centres before you take your test. 

PHECC NQEMT MCQ Candidate Arrival and Check-In Procedures at Prometric Test Centres 


Candidate communications 

All candidate appointments are appointment-only basis and must be made in advance. We do not offer same day service or walk-in appointments. 

Please note we have added some additional measures in our testing centre to allow for a safe social distancing between candidates and staff as follows:   

You may wear gloves and/ or a face covering while testing in the test centre, however these must be brought with you to the test centre.  Face masks/covering, or gloves will not be provided in the test centre.   

You will be asked to safely remove the mask to verify your identity as part of the check in procedure.     

Hand sanitizer will be available in the test centre, and all workstations, lockers and any areas that candidates are in contact with, will be wiped down after each candidate to ensure cleanliness of the test centre and individual workstations.   

Prometic will add to the candidate’s confirmation email, the following data wording:

“By scheduling my examination with Prometric, I hereby declare that I understand that I should not attend for my examination if:  

I have a confirmed current case of COVID19 or,  

I am experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID19 or,  

Have been advised by the HSE or medical professional to self-isolate or,
I am currently feeling unwell

I have not been ill within the last 2 weeks" 

 If the above applies to you, your exam will be rescheduled Free of Charge

Arrival and Check-in Procedures

Prometric will follow any advice / direction from the Government and HSE and apply the advice accordingly. 

When entering the test centre, candidates may be required to do the following:  

Stand at a marked area of the floor and place the ID (open on the picture page if a passport) into the plastic pocket provided and onto the desk for inspection by the Test Centre Administrators (TCA)

If a candidate presents wearing a face covering, the TCA will ask the candidates to safely remove the face covering for purposes of verifying their identity. Once the candidate’s identity has been verified the candidate can safely re-apply  

Candidate will be instructed to place personal belongings in a locker. Each locker will be cleaned with antibacterial wipes between each candidate use. Candidates will maintain possession of the locker key and the ID and asked to take a seat in the waiting area which will also be cleaned with antibacterial wipes after ever candidate. 

Test centers will be fully cleaned after each testing session. 

Candidate orientation sheets have been posted on the notices area of the test centre so candidates will no longer need to handle these documents.

During the check-in process 

All Prometric Test Centre Administrators (TCA’s) have access to a face mask, safety gloves and sanitizing materials. All TCA’s will be required to wear and use these safety measures if the Government confirms this requirement.    

Check in Rosters do not need to be signed by the candidate, this will be carried by the TCA on arrival and when exiting the test centre. Candidates will net handle pens, documents of sign anything during this period. 

Proctor & Testing Room Procedures

Prior to entering the proctoring room, the following modified processes will be in place:  

Candidates will be required to stand on the ‘stand here’ sign or ‘X’ in place on the floor, designating a safe distance away from the TCA.  

Candidates will go through the agreed security checks at a safe distance.  

During image capture the candidate will be asked to safely remove the face covering and replace once the image has been captured. 


During the exam process, the following modified process will be in place: 

Candidates will be seated with a free seat between each active workstation to ensure social distancing.   

Monitoring of candidate behavior in the test room will be done exclusively using the existing DVR system. Physical walkthroughs will be suspended, except in centres where there is adequate space to comply with social distancing guidelines.  


End of Test Procedures

 Once the MCQ is complete, the following modified processes will be in place:  

Candidates must remain at their seat and raise their hand to indicate they wish to leave.  TCA confirms via the viewing window that the exit path is clear and signals the candidate to exit the testing room back to the reception area. 

Candidates will return to the reception area where TCA’s will: 

Place the candidate score report on the counter  

Call the candidate to the reception desk  

Initial the time of sign-out on behalf of the candidate – no sign in or sign out is required by the candidate at this time.  

TCA’s will wear safety gloves and clean all used pens at the end of the day, ready for use at the next testing session  

TCA’s will clean down each workstation, locker, admin desk and proctor desk between each test taker, and at the start and end of each day.  


Test Centre Signage and Expectations of the candidate.

Test centre posters will be updated as per HSE/HAS advice.  

Hand sanitizer will be available at all test centres.   

Candidates will be expected to follow good respiratory hygiene and hand washing techniques.  


Due to the closure of Test Centres since March, in line with Government restriction, there will be a backlog of many thousands of people, across many disciplines, requiring exams in Prometric test centres. We will always accommodate you as best we can, so if you have any issues with the scheduling of your MCQ do not hesitate to check with us. 

There is further information on re Covid19 Global Test Centre Procedures.   

Rescheduled - May 2020 EMT OSCEs 


The EMT OSCEs will take place on the 29th and 30th of July in the Maldron Hotel, Portlaoise. This OSCE was schedule for the 26th and 27th of May. 

Capacity will be reduced in order to adhere to Covid-19 social distancing measures. This exam is subject to the first 48 spaces being filled over the 2 days and the next OSCE exam is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of September. However, please do not hesitate to contact PHECC with any OSCE requirement you may have. 

Candidates should not attend the OSCE exam if: 

you are a confirmed coronavirus case 

you are experiencing sign or symptoms of coronavirus 

you have been advised by the HSE or a medical professional to self-isolate 

you are currently feeling unwell, or have been in the last 2 weeks 


6-month exam completion rule: 

If due to COVID-19 you are applying for your NQEMT EMT exam or taking your exam outside the six- month rule period, we will endeavour to accommodate you without forfeiting an exam attempt. 


Exam Viewing sessions: 

Exam Viewings have re-commenced as of Monday 10th of July 2020. Please forward on all Viewing and Recheck Application Form which can be downloaded here by post along with payment PayPal within 10 business days of receiving your MCQ exam results. On receipt of your Application we will then contact you with a Viewing date and time.

Infection Control Measures implemented by PHECC must be followed:

Social distancing must be practised when attending the offices

Hands must be sanitised immediately upon arrival

Please observe all COVID-19 prevention protocol including sneeze/cough etiquette

When entering and leaving the building there is strictly one person permitted to use the lift at a time

Please note that there is no waiting area available. Therefore, we would ask that visitors attending for an appointment

only arrive immediately before it is due to commence

If you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 please do not attend the office

In line with government and HSE guidelines, If you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 or answer yes to any of the questions (listed below) please do not attend your appointment.

Have you had symptoms of cough, fever, high temperature sore throat, runny nose or flu l
symptoms now or in the last 14 days?

Have you been confirmed or suspected of having Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

Have you been in contact with a person who has been confirmed or suspected of having Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

Have you been advised to self-isolate by a doctor?

Have you been advised to cocoon by a doctor?

You will be asked these questions again when you arrive in the PHECC for your appointment. 


Responder Level Exam Requests: 

For responder level exam requests email: and you will be emailed the required documents and MCQ exams in due course.   
Yours sincerely,  
PHECC Exam Team 
13th of July 2020