Education and Training Standards

One of PHECC's statutory functions is to set and review standards of education in pre-hospital emergency care.  PHECC recognised institutions (RIs) can deliver PHECC approved education and training standards leading to NQEMT awards and certificates of course completion for responder levels. PHECC approved training institutions (ATIs) can deliver responder level courses leading to award and certificate of course completion.   Only those institutions may deliver PHECC courses. 

Select from the list below to access a copy (PDF) of the education and training standard including course approval criteria.  

NQEMT levels:
  1. Emergency Medical Technician
  2. Paramedic
  3. Advanced Paramedic
Responder levels: 
  1. Cardiac First Response - Community
  2. Cardiac First Response - Advanced
  3. CFR and Medications for Listed Organisations (SI 449 of 2015 and SI 530 of 2018)
  4. First Aid Response
  5. Emergency First Response 
  6. Emergency Medical Service Dispatcher
  7. Emergency First Response- basic tactical emergency care (EFR-BTEC)