Licensing of Services

In accordance with S.I. 575 of 2004 the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) licenses services to provide pre-hospital emergency care.  Article 4 of the S.I. also authorises PHECC to “prepare standards of operation for pre-hospital emergency care service providers to support best practice by pre-hospital emergency care practitioners”. 

In 2018, PHECC implemented the Governance Validation Framework (GVF) as a standard of operations for Licensed CPG Providers.   The GVF is a quality assurance/quality improvement (QA/QI) programme for PHECC Licensed CPG Providers.  It provides the Council and the public with the assurance that the services that PHECC licensed are honouring the rules of licensing that they agreed to implement.  The GVF underpins the licensing system as it is an ongoing system of assessment that is focused on improving patient care.