New Application

Section 4 (r) of S.I. 575 of 2004, authorises the PHECC to “recognise, in accordance with rules made by the Council, those pre-hospital emergency care service providers which undertake to implement the clinical practice guidelines". Council Rules of Recognition to Implement PHECC Clinical Practice Guidelines (POL003) clearly outlines the requirements for a new applicant.

Pre-submission Meeting
If intending to seek PHECC recognition, the Applicant should familiarise themselves with the contents of the 'Associated Documents' and in particular with the Council Rules of Recognition to Implement PHECC Clinical Practice Guidelines (POL003), which clearly outlines the requirements for a new applicant.

Applicants should participate in a pre-licensing preparatory meeting with PHECC when considering an application. Previous applicants found it beneficial to have an informal briefing meeting with PHECC to discuss their application.  They found the identification of any shortfalls in their application documents and/or clarification of the requirements to be useful. To avail of a meeting please email to arrange a mutually convenient day and time. 

When contacting to arrange a pre-submission meeting the Applicant should submit an outline of their organisation’s business plan and an overview of proposed activities so that PHECC can gain an understanding of their organisation’s requirements.

Applying for Recognition as a CPG Service Provider

All new applications for recognition as a ‘CPG Service Provider’ will be processed in a transparent manner and assessed in accordance with the relevant standards within the Governance Validation Framework.  An assessor will support the Executive in reviewing the application against pre-determined standards.

Be advised that, following receipt of a complete application, the application process can take up to three months.  Once the application has met the requirements of Council, a recommendation will be made to the Director for approval by Council.  Incomplete applications, missing documents or omitted fees may result in your application being returned, which will cause a delay in the application process 


To review a flowchart of the application process please click HERE.

New applicants should also familiarise themselves with the Governance Validation Framework (GVF), which is the quality assurance and improvement mechanism that underpins service provision licensing and is a 3-year quality assurance assessment cycle.  Successful applicants will undergo a GVF Assessment within 12 months of being granted approval to implement Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).