Quality and Safety Committee

The Quality and Safety Committee is a Standing Committee of Council (Terms of Reference)


 Full Name   Position   Rationale  
Fiona McDaid    Chair  Council Representative 
 Dennis Keeley  Vicechair   Council Representative
 Open  Member  Council Representative
 Ciarán McCullagh     Member  Representative for National Ambulance Service 
 Michael O'Reilly  Member  Representative for Dublin Fire Brigade
 Frances Duggan  Member  Representative for Joint Voluntary and Auxiliary Committee 
 David O'Connor  Member  Representative for Defence Forces Medical Corps 
 Áine Broderick  Member  Representative for Recognised Institutions
 Paul Creevey  Member  Representative for Recognised Institutions
 Sharon Kelly  Member  Representative for Approved Training Institutions
 Paul Pearson  Member  Representative for Patients
 David Bradley  Member  Representative for Licensed CPG Service Providers (private)
 Brian Murphy  Member  Representative for Licensed CPG Service Providers (events)
 Mary O'Neill  Member  Representative for 3rd Level Institutions (expertise in healthcare quality and safety) 

Meetings 2021/2022

7th October 2021
9th December 2021
3rd February 2022
26th May 2022
29th June 2022
1st September 2022
1st December 2022