Please note that PHECC do not endorse any one training provider or CPC event. PHECC also do not validate the courses or events listed here and as such, registrants who book an advertised event are advised to research it themselves beforehand. If you have attended a CPC event which has been listed here and wish to make a complaint regarding the validity of the event you can do so here.

Would you like to include an event?

While PHECC do not intend to validate each course submitted, we do have an obligation to our registrants to ensure that the courses are worthy of CPC and relate to EMT practice. To achieve this we have an online application form for including your event on the calendar. Along with this application, some supporting documentation will be needed. All applications should be submitted at least 14 days before the event begins. Please click on the link below to access and begin the application form. PHECC reserve the right not to publish a CPC event on the website. There is no appeal process to this decision.


If you wish to have a CPC event included in this calendar, please click here.