Application for Re-Registration

Guide to completing the application form


Here are our guidance notes on completing the application for Re-Registration. Please read these notes carefully before completing the application form.

  1. Read through all items of data and amend where necessary.
  2. Your profile photo will be displayed on your licence card, please ensure you update this via your profile if required (click on your name on the top left of the screen to access your profile) 
  3. The Re-Registration online process allows you to enter data, “Save” partially filled forms, “Logout” and resume filling in by logging in again.
  4. Prior to submission please review the completed data to ensure all changes are made correctly.
  5. Once you submit the application, no further changes to the application can be made by the applicant.
  6. Applicants who have selected online payment option should follow the instructions given.

Please Note - all fees on the PHECC website are in Euro, although some web browsers may display in the local currency as per your browser settings, all transactions will be carried out in Euro.