Respond 2014 - The National First Responder Conference

PHECC, in association with the National Ambulance Service, Wicklow Cardiac First Responders and the Centre for Emergency Medical Science at UCD are delighted to announce the launch of Respond 2014, the first national conference dedicated to Community First Responders.

Respond 2014 will take place on 1st March 2014. It will showcase the best of Community First Responder activity in Ireland and provide evidence-based scientific updates in best practice for First Responders.

As one of the longest established Community First Responder schemes, Wicklow Cardiac First Responders have had many contracts from new groups around the country looking for advice and support as they establish new schemes.  As the number of Community First Responder schemes grows, the need for a national approach has become apparent. 

John Fitzgerald of Wicklow Cardiac First Responders, who is helping organise the conference said: 

“PHECC, the National Ambulance Service, UCD Centre for Emergency Medical Science and the Irish Heart Foundation have been hugely supportive of CFR activity to date, but perhaps, now is the time for CFR networks to bring all their accumulated experience together as new schemes strive to get off the ground.”

“CFRs from around the country put a lot of time and effort into launching and running schemes, and we feel that if all this energy is channelled in the same direction, it would be very powerful” he added.

Respond 2014 is aimed at all types of Community First Responders. The conference organisers wish to network as many groups from around the country as possible in advance and to invite them all to participate and shape this conference. The conference will be open to any group providing CFR cover: PAD schemes, NAS linked schemes, fire services, Garda, voluntary ambulance organisations, workplace schemes etc.

In addition to an opportunity for networking and sharing experiences, Respond 2014 will feature notable international experts in the field of resuscitation. “We have an excellent line up of speakers who will provide a variety of updates which will appeal to experienced and novice responders alike” said Respond 2014 Chair Dr David Menzies.

A unique feature of Respond 2014 will be a series of skills workshops allowing new and established schemes to ensure that their skills and equipment meet current best practice.

Crucially, both David and John say that the event is intended to be for First Responders from all over Ireland and they would welcome contact from any group prior to the event itself. All assistance with organization will be gratefully received!

For further information please click on the Respond 2014 logo below or email  

Tullamore Court Hotel, Tullamore, Co. Offaly Saturday 1st March 2014

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