CPC for EMTs

Continuous professional Competence (CPC) for EMTs starts in November 2013. PHECC are introducing CPC for all PHECC Registered practitioners in stages according to their registration status.  The EMT CPC cycle will be followed in 2014 by the paramedic and advanced paramedic cycles.

The public demand and expect that professionals, especially healthcare professionals, will keep up to date with current best practice. All regulated professions are at various stages of developing or implementing their own CPC regime. PHECC have prioritised designing, consulting, implementing and recording CPC for paramedics and advanced paramedics the first quarter of 2014. 

CPC will enable practitioners to update and develop knowledge, skills and attitude thereby supporting professional competent practice. This protects the public interest, meets the requirements of registration and promotes the profession. 

The CPC Guide is currently available here. The guide introduces EMTs to CPC and gives an overview of the scheme. The guide is supported by 20 frequently asked questions (FAQs). A hard copy of this guide will also be sent to all EMTs on the Register before the end of November.

In the new year five additional components, consisting of guides and supporting FAQs will be introduced incrementally as follows;
  • Registration and re-registration – Jan 2014
  • Assessment and audit – Feb 2014
  • Sample documentation – Apr 2014
  • CPC from the Training Organisations perspective – Jun 2014
  • Electronic records – Aug 2014.

Queries referring to CPC as outlined in the guide and the FAQs above should be sent to info@phecc.ie. Clarification will follow in the FAQ section if required. Please note that questions in relation to the additional components will be addressed on the launch of that particular element of CPC.