Primary healthcare programme for Travellers

On Tuesday 3rd December, the Ennis Community Development Project, together with Clare County Council and a number of other agencies in Clare celebrated Traveller culture at a Traveller Focus Day.

Ennis CDP Primary Health Care Programme for Travellers was delighted to use the opportunity to raise awareness amongst the Traveller Community about the RED Card developed by PHECC as an aid for those calling for an ambulance (Request Emergency Dispatch).

Community Health Worker, Catherine McCarthy (left) and Trainee Community Health Worker, Mary McDonagh (right) addressed an audience of nearly 50 people in the Ennis Town Council Building in Drumbiggle. They spoke about a number of Primary Health Care initiatives that were carried out throughout 2013 as well as using this platform to draw attention to the RED card. The card also been included in the new edition of the Ennis CDP Primary Health Care Programme for Travellers Directory of Services, which will be distributed to all Traveller Families living in Clare.