Charity Battle of the EMS services - 'Fight of the night ' went to two of the female fighters.  

Helen Farrell and Karen Duggan gave a superb display of boxing that ended in a draw and Cystic Fybrosis Ireland won €3,500. On Friday the 29th of November, two EMS services came together to raise money for Cystic Fybrosis Ireland. Dublin Fire Brigade took on The National Ambulance Service, in what turned out to be a very exciting night, in a white collar boxing tournament. The event took place in The Living Room, Cathal Brugha St which was packed on the night.

The two teams looked like they meant business both kitted out in the best of pro boxing gear that PHECC kindly donated to support the charity event. Visual Print Limited also kindly printed the sponsor’s name on the jersey free of charge. There was a lot riding on the night’s outcome, who would have the slagging rights the following morning in the ambulance bays of the A and E's. The guys that are normally the ones on the streets picking up the pieces after fights and brawls were the ones dishing out the punishment with plenty of blood spilled and a couple of noses broken to boot. All was in good spirit mind you with everyone going home with more friends than when they arrived with. Bringing these two groups of people who do the same job but in different uniforms together through sport was a great morale boost for all involved especially as there was a very personal association to one of the fighters from the N.A.S whose young child suffers with the condition Cystic Fybrosis (CF) which is an inherited chronic disease that primarily effects the lungs and digestive system of about 1,200 children and adults in Ireland.

The event was kicked off by the Ambulance Service Pipe Band leading the fighters into the ring before the first fight. The atmosphere was electric. There was a great turnout on the night, over 400 people came to watch the event. The two teams looked tense and excited at the same time and just wanted to get things started.

This was an unplanned open air event due to a broken marquee, so under the night sky the first fighters took to the ring. The evening was in the hands of the weather Gods, but thankfully the rain held off and no one got wet; Although at one stage the ring girls and boy looked like they were going to freeze in their bikini's and shorts. 

The 10 weeks training that most of the contenders put in to prepare for this fight was plain to see as the punches were landed with precision and confidence. One by one the fighters took to the ring and done their teams proud with great performance after great performance. Two fighters broke their noses on the night but said they were delighted to be involved in such a worthwhile event and wouldn't change things if they could. (Well, except for their noses! )

D.F.B had 4 wins against the N.A.S’s 2 wins, 3 fights were drawn and there were also 2 exhibition fights. 'Fight of the night ' went to two of the female fighters who gave a superb display of boxing each landing plenty of punches and the fight was so evenly contested the only obvious outcome was a draw. The two girls in question were Helen Farrell from N.A.S and Karen Duggan who fought for the D.F.B.

This was a night that broke down some barriers between these two groups of people that have the same goal every time they sit in their ambulances. It was brilliant to sit down after the event and get to know everyone on a personal level. N.A.S Derek Grey said it  was a very well-run event with loads of people doing their bit on and off the stage to make the night a night to remember plus the event raised a lot of money for the charity at the same time . Approx. 3,500 euro was raised on the night which will be well appreciated by the Cystic Fybrosis Ireland foundation.

Darren Cash, the D.F.B chairman said after 'It was a long 10 weeks, we started off with 23 people who said they would fight and up to yesterday we were unsure if we had 10 fighters .'A few lads got injured along the way through a variety of causes not only related to the training'. 

It is the intention of the two teams to stay in touch and possibly make this an annual 'Battle of the E.M.S's ' and continue to build the relationship between DFB & NAS. Sport again wins in the bringing  together of people and it  is indeed a credit to both organizations to have such dedicated members representing them every day as they go about their duties proud to wear their uniform no matter which one it is.

Johnpaul Gray,
Secretary, D.F.B Boxing Club.