Paramedic Upskilling - eLearning

The table below lists the CPGs (Name, CPG number and Paramedic CPG manual - page number) of the CPGs that will be made available to practitioners once they have successfully completed the Learning package.

 ‘Too repetitive’.
‘CPG not the same layout as the book’.

‘Very well constructed, highly interactive approach. I would like to see additional training materials being made available through this medium. The pdf files associated with the different CPGs are very useful. Thanks to all concerned’

‘Any training is better then no training’

Slides take too long to load. No guidance given in calculating paediatric drug doses for Ibuprofen or Paracetamol’

‘Excellent medium for training, I would be interested in seeing individual updates in operations and CPGs posted this way as they are available as it would be published to a greater audience at the same time’

‘Very good on-line training. I would love to see more in the near future, great way of upskilling and refreshing certain CPGs’

‘Good training but a bit repetitive’

‘Interactive elements meant that you never switched off during the course’
  As a new way of training, it may take time to get used to. Overall I like the new system’

‘This was very “dry” and a bit monotonous to complete. How about integrating actual “case studies” which would better illustrate the relevance of the material, or lectures on specific topics (e.g. trauma, cardiology, paediatrics, etc.) and integrating the CPGs into the assessment and treatment plans for such patients?’

‘I found some of it very repetitive to a point where I found myself almost getting bored with it. Apart from that it was very well put together’

‘Very well done. A bit repetitive but consistent and necessary. Would love to see PHECC continue to use this medium as a means of any future upskilling or continuing education projects. Good job guys!’

‘I found this course to be really beneficial and a great way of revision, but it would be impossible to do at home if like me you had a slow broadband’

‘I think it has huge potiental to bring many more courses and training to our lives, such as pre-learning for the advanced paramedic course’

‘Due to poor internet connection at home, I feel it would have helped me if I was able to down load or print off more of the course’

I found the programme of excellent value, it is great to be able to sign in/out when suitable, rather than having to sit down for hours trying to complete. Also much better than sitting flicking through paper exams’.

‘Due to no down-time in my station I had to do the course at home which was not a big problem, I was happy to do it while having a cup and in my own time no pressure which is also good. Yes I would look at other courses and if it suits me I would consider what’s on offer. I want keep up my CPD’


Paramedic Upskilling – CPG 3rd Edition

NASC have clarified the situation regarding paramedic upskilling to the 3rd Edition CPGs for HSE personnel.
  • There are 2 parts to the 3rd edition CPG upskilling; a knowledge element and a skills element.
  • The e-learning package (1st part) coversthe knowledge element only;there are some CPGs that will require a skills session (2nd part) before upskilling will be completed.
  • Practitioners who complete the e-learning upskilling, on submission of their completion certificate to their T&D, will be issued with a letter authorising a change in their scope of practice. 
  • PHECC will publish an agreed list of the new medications and CPGs which will comprise this 1st part increase in scope of practice.
  • NASC training staff are at an advanced stage in developing a national 2-day skills (2nd part) programme to complement the e-learning package.
  • This final part of the upskilling programme will be ready for delivery to all NAS staff early in 2011.
  • Once practitioners successfully complete this 2nd part they will be authorised to fully implement the 3rd edition CPGs.
PHECC anticipate that other service providers will adopt a similar approach and will notify developments as they occur.