First Driving Course - Great Success

Under its contract with the HSE, EMSTAR has recently completed their first PHECC-accredited emergency driving course at the National Ambulance Service College.

Six candidates undertook the programme in emergency driving in December 2010. Despite the severe adverse weather conditions the candidates received in-depth instruction in a wide range of driving skills. The course also included actual drives under blue light conditions.

The aims and objectives of the PHECC driving course are firmly linked to the provision of high quality patient care. The prevention of deterioration and the ability of clinicians to effectively manage the patient during transport are at the root of the course.

The course was delivered in a range of vehicles and in varying road and traffic conditions. The 6 candidates were all successful and achieved a high standard of driving and theory knowledge. Joint EMSTAR/PHECC certificates were issued by Macartan Hughes, Head of Education and Competency Assurance.

Richard Lane, Director of Training Services for EMSTAR said, “Driving is a key feature of patient care. Getting to the scene quickly yet safely, driving smoothly to prevent deterioration and assisting clinical staff in the back of the vehicle are fundamental to patient care and comfort. Driving is not just about getting from one point to another as quickly as possible. The safety of staff, patients and other road users will be enhanced with pre-operational driver training. We are delighted at the outcome of this first course and we are looking forward to future courses throughout 2011”.

Pictured: (from left to right) John Dunne, (EMSTAR) John Gaughan, Paul Murray, Tony Fields, Gerry Buckley (EMSTAR), Paul Keane, Bertie Dowling, Paul Doherty, John Kenny (EMSTAR).