CFR Training Resources

PHECC proposes to design and produce new training products to assist with the delivery of the CFR Education and Training Standard 2011. These products will be available to recognised institutions and CFR-instructors to deliver the CFR-community, CFR advanced and dual certified IHF/AHA & PHECC courses.

The current CFR levels of responder and practitioner are to be retitled CFR community and advanced. The advanced level will have the additional components of an airway and breathing module and includes supraglottic airway, suctioning and oxygen administration. 

The training products will include:

1. An instructor DVD with 3 course participant options; 1. CFR community, 2. CFR advanced and 3. dual IHF/AHA & PHECC courses (that incorporates adding on the relevant CFR modules to the AHA/IHF courses as required). 

2. An instructor manual which will support CFR instructors to deliver the selected courses.

3. A course participant manual, CFR community and CFR advanced levels.
The proposed CFR course will be DVD led and is based on the watch and practice approach; without the need for additional power point presentations and a high degree of instructor input. Participant practice/test sessions will be built into the DVD, thus eliminating the requirements for a summative skills assessment. 

These new training products will eliminate the requirement for recognised institutions to submit a course for approval. Instead the recognised institution will apply to deliver the CFR standard using the PHECC CFR training package. These new products will be available in early 2011 to purchase from the PHECC office in the usual way, using the PHECC website and PayPal or alternatively recognised institutions can be invoiced if ordering by email