Election of pre-hospital emergency care practitioners to the Medical Advisory Committee

Pre-hospital emergency care practitioners to represent the profession on the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC). Two members from each division on the register will be selected by election to sit on MAC. Elections will be held by electronic vote.

The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council at its March 2013 meeting has updated the terms of reference for the Medical Advisory Committee, formally called the Medical Advisory Group (MAG). The new terms of reference enables pre-hospital emergency care practitioners to select two members at each division of the register to represent the profession on MAC. The selection process will be by election, whereby EMTs will elect EMT members, paramedics will elect paramedic members and advanced paramedics will elect advanced paramedic members.

Nomination forms will be e-mailed to each registered practitioner, so make sure that your e-mail address is up to date with the register.  Candidates must be nominated by twenty people, on the same division of the register as the candidate, to be considered for election.

Candidates are required to submit a one A4 page biographical introduction to him/ herself which will be displayed on the PHECC web for the duration of the election.

The primary function of MAC is to advise Council on clinical matters. This involves members having a keen interest in clinical practice with an ability to critically appraise issues presented for decision. Membership of the Medical Advisory Committee will involve meeting approximately once per month. MAC is a very productive committee involving activate participation between and at meetings.

To date pre-hospital emergency care practitioners have been appointed to PHECC committees by organisations, now is the opportunity to have the profession in a decision making role in relation to your scope of practice. Make sure you vote.