Setting the Scene

Barry O'Sullivan

The Healthcare environment in Ireland is a complicated and multifaceted one. Two of the key drivers which set the scene are the published or official position in relation to the Irish situation and the external (non-official) catalysts.

Recent Reports / Publications

  • Quality and Fairness - ¬†Health Strategy
  • Hanly Report
  • Prospectus Report
  • Health Service Reform Programme
  • Hannley report
These publications comprise of evaluations of the status quo and make proposals for the future.

External - Influences and Challenges

  • Finance/Economics
  • Demographics¬†
  • Technology
  • Public Perception
  • Quality Legislation
These external influences art constantly interacting and influencing the situation.

The scene is set by a combination of the published position and the external catalysts where the only constant is change. A major reform programme is about to start and the road map has yet to be clearly defined.