Civil Defence

Following the enactment of the Civil Defence Act 2002 a new State Board called the Civil Defence Board has taken over all responsibilities of the Civil Defence organisation from the Department of Defence. All major stakeholders in the wider civil protection community are represented on the Board.

The Civil Defence Board have recently produced their first Strategic Plan covering the period 2004 to 2007. This plan sets out the necessary steps being taken to modernise Civil Defence and ensure the development of the organisation in the future. It is the aim of the Civil Defence Board to develop Civil Defence into an organisation of international standing, properly resourced and fully integrated into emergency planning arrangements and whose 6,000 volunteer members are highly trained and valued within the community.

Civil Defence is a Statutory Agency comprising of two components:-
      • Department of Defence
      • Local Authority - Civil Defence Board
The Civil Defence Board is responsible for,
    • Finance
    • Planning
    • Expertise
    • Training
    • Equipment
The Minister for Defence on the advice of the Board is responsible for policy.

The Secretary General Department of Defence is the Accounting Officer.


Presentation by Gerry Gervin.