Cardiac First Response Online Course

WHAT’S NEW? PHECC was delighted to launch the new CFR Community Online course in August. This online course incorporates both theory and skills practice and uses the educational methodology known as blended learning. There are no plans to develop a CFR Advanced online course at this time.


In October 2011 PHECC launched CFR training materials to assist Instructors deliver CFR courses in accordance with the 2010 CFR Standard and ILCOR recommendations. To date over 21,000 copies of the CFR Student Handbook and 1,730 CFR Instructor packs (including DVD) have been distributed. For the first 6 months of 2012 a total of 9424 CFR certificates (community and advanced) were awarded by PHECC Recognised Institutions. PHECC is delighted with this positive endorsement. Our strategy is to encourage as many people as possible to become trained in resuscitation.


The course comprises of video and text tuition combined with a high end patient simulator following PHECC clinical practice guidelines. Successful completion of the online course requires completion of a theory section, an MCQ test (randomly generated) and a skills test simulation on virtual patients. When these three sections are successfully completed, students may download the CFR Online Course completion certificate. Finally students will attend a Recognised Institution (recommended within 90 days) for a CFR Community skills assessment. Typically, students are offered free practice time before undertaking the standard CFR skills assessment. Successful students will be awarded the joint PHECC/Recognised Institution CFR Community certificate. 
  All interested students should contact a participating PHECC Recognised Institution. Only designated persons in these Recognised Institutions can provide a license (in the form of a valid username and password) to access the course. Every license lasts 2 years so you may repeat the course or parts of the course as often as you like and it is a valuable tool for refresher training.
All PHECC recognised Institutions have already been contacted directly by the PHECC office to establish an account wth our online course administrators, however if at this late stage there any latecomers who wish to participate please email for more information.