Clinical Practice Guidelines Update

The Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) published by PHECC are evidence- or consensus-based best practice. Pre-hospital emergency care providers include responders (cardiac first responders, occupational first aiders and emergency first responders) and practitioners (emergency medical technicians, paramedics, advanced paramedics, nurses and doctors) from the statutory, private, auxiliary and voluntary services.

The third-edition CPG manual contains 195 CPGs outlining patient assessments and pre-hospital treatment for a number of conditions for registered practitioners at EMT (56), paramedic (69) and advanced paramedic (70) levels. There are 75 additional CPGs for responders at emergency first response (47), occupational first aid (19) and cardiac first response (9) levels.

Publication of medical practitioner CPGs is pending.

A CPG medication formulary is also published by PHECC as a further reference for responders and practitioners.

Organisations must be granted approval for their employees or volunteers to implement the use of PHECC CPGs.

For more information on the application procedure and criteria on which organisations are assessed, please contact Brian at the PHECC office 045 882042 or email or visit