PHECC’s Quality Review Framework

PHECC Quality Review Framework (QRF), implemented in 2015, serves as the quality assurance model and process for ensuring that recognised institutions (RIs) who develop and deliver courses, on behalf of PHECC, maintain high standards of service.  The QRF provides a range of Quality Standards (QS) for RIs and a process for monitoring achievements against these standards. 

Continuous improvement in service delivery is a primary objective of the framework, with an emphasis on partnership and collaboration between all stakeholder groups (RI faculty and management, PHECC and students).  Since the introduction of the QRF RIs have actively engaged with PHECC in undertaking the required self-assessments and developing quality improvement plans based on the review process.  The QRF on-site review reports and feedback from the RI are published on our website after Council consideration and approval.  To date the PHECC Quality Review Panel have conducted 27 on-site reviews (13 in 2015 and 14 in 2016).

The recent RI engagement event, attended by over 35 RIs, focused on the 2016 developments for PHECC responder programmes and also reinforced PHECC commitment to support RIs in the provision of quality training and programme delivery in the pre-hospital emergency care environment.   As this year comes to a close we would like to thank the RIs for their on-going implementation of the QRF model, especially with their participation with the on-site visits.