Examination numbers on the rise

The examinations team were very busy conducting exams this year. 2016 saw an increase in both EMT and paramedic candidates taking PHECC exams, with almost 700 candidates to date in 2016 as opposed to less than 500 for 2015.

NQEMT update

Exam candidates at both EMT and paramedic levels are taking the MCQ component at Prometric test centres nationally. All paramedic students, from their respective recognised institution (RI), take their MCQ on the same day, which accommodates their classroom schedule. The approach is different at EMT level where the students take their MCQ at a time and a place (test centre) which best suits them.

At EMT level the OSCEs continue to be facilitated by the RI with the maximum number of candidates taking the skills assessment component of the exam. At paramedic level the OSCEs have been devolved to the RI with quality assurance provided by PHECC exam quality group members (commenced December 2016).

The next edition of the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) will be published in early 2017 and, in parallel, the realignment of the exam content with the new CPGs has commenced.  Thank you to our test item writers and our exam quality group who are working closely with us in the preparation of the exam material. The dates which the new exams will be available will be posted in line with the launch of the new CPGs, but it is expected that from April 2017 students will be taking the exams, including OSCEs, based on the new CPGs.

Responder update

At Responder level there are 42 RIs providing courses and delivering PHECC exams with 22,394 certificates issued to date this year across all of the responder levels from CFR Community to Emergency First Response.

As in the case of the NQEMT, the new exams at Responder level will be available to RIs in April 2017.