CISM eLearning module for Stress Awareness Training

The Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) stress awareness training module was originally developed by PHECC in partnership with the National Ambulance Service (NAS). It is available to:

  • PHECC registered practitioners at all levels

  • NAS personnel who are not registered practitioners, and

  • Community responders who are members of programmes linked to NAS.


If you are a community responder, and a member of a linked NAS responder programme, you can access the module here. If you are a practitioner on our Register you can access the module using the website of your own licenced CPG provider.

Currently PHECC, as a member of the CISM Network Steering Committee, are working with the member organisations to develop bespoke stress awareness training modules to meet the needs of their respective organisations. The learning from the module will help the user identify root causes of stress, how to deal with them successfully and how to better cope in stressful situations.  

Kick-off meetings have already taken place with the following organisations:

  • Civil Defence
  • Defence Forces
  • Irish Coast Guard
  • Irish Prisons
  • Chief Fire Officers’ Association

Some of these organisations have progressed to organising case-study events which will feature in their module.

Here are some photos from the Civil Defence and Irish Coast Guard joint event at the Boyne River on Saturday 3rd December.



There are other member organisations wishing to proceed with the development of the module and kick-off meetings will take place in 2017.

For further information on the CISM eLearning module please contact