Expressions of Interest Invited for Review of PHECC Fitness to Practise Policy & Procedures


REF FTP_01: Review of PHECC Fitness to Practise [FTP] Policy and Procedures Overview

Council have agreed that a review and update of current FTP policies and procedures, in place since 2008, is now timely and have approved that an updated system in line with current legislation and best practice be introduced.

PHECC are now seeking Expressions of Interest for this piece of work, proposed as part one of a two-phase project.

The Project

The first phase of this project will include a comprehensive review and assessment of current FTP policies and procedures, including a review of all cases that have been subject to Preliminary Proceedings and Fitness to Practise inquiries, with full and open access to all reports and legal advice.
The purpose of this phase is to determine what does/does not work, what areas are challenging, issues that have arisen, how they were dealt and to determine if procedures in place are reflected in current related policies.
The project will also review current best practice in FTP and determine which issues can be dealt with via policy and procedure and which may require legislative amendments.
This phase will incorporate interviews and/or a questionnaire with relevant personnel to determine their experiences with the present system.  Current and previous chairs of both Preliminary Proceeding Sub-Committees and FTP Committees, panel members, members of the council and executive and legal advisors (6-10 max in total) will be engaged with during this process.

In order to facilitate the review, the expert reviewer will have full access to all relevant FTP documentation/files and thus will be required to sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement with PHECC.

The Output

It is proposed to convene a panel of interested parties to consider and review the draft policies and procedures prior to making a recommendation to Council.

The output from this review will be revised policies reflecting current best practice and legal requirements, incorporating amendments required as identified during the review process.  

The report will be commissioned by the Director on behalf of Council. 
The Director will be made aware of any unanticipated findings as they occur and will be presented with a draft interim report.

Successful Applicant Requirements

The successful applicant must have. 

  • A detailed working knowledge of current healthcare Fitness to Practice processes and procedures.
  • Experience of participation in Fitness to Practice proceedings.
  • An understanding of the legal basis of Fitness to Practice proceedings.
  • Experience of healthcare regulation.
  • Experience in carrying out and writing high reviews level reviews of a similar nature.
  • Experience of writing and implementing policies and procedures.

Project Duration

The expected duration of the project is estimated at 10-15 days’ work.

Award Criteria

Award Criteria Marks Available Minimum Qualifying Threshold
Cost 30 N/A
Service Delivery Methodology 25 18
Understanding of the Brief 10 5
Experience in Similar Projects 25 15
Availability 10 8
Total 100

To Apply

Please submit an expression of interest by submitting a brief CV, project plan and fee proposal to the Director, by 02 September 2022. 

All information enquiries can be emailed to