EMT Examinations Update in line with 2021 CPGs

PHECC wish to advise you of the upcoming changeover from 2017 CPGs to 2021 CPGs which impacts on examinations.

Following the release of 2021 Clinical Practice Guidelines and the subsequent review and update of PHECC EMT MCQ and OSCEs, the earliest ‘go live’ date that Prometric can give for updated MCQs is December 1st 2021. 

Please be advised of the following dates of examinations and which CPG version will be examined.

  • Up to October 25th 2021 – candidates will be examined on 2017 CPGs. 
  • October 25th is the last date a candidate can successfully complete their MCQs in order to apply for November OSCEs.
  • On October 26th 2021, Prometric will cease delivering PHECC examinations to allow Prometric update the PHECC exam bank.
  • EMT OSCEs on Nov 16th to 18th – will be on 2017 CPGs (there will be no EMT OSCE in 2021 on new CPGs).
  • From December 1st 2021 – Prometric will reopen MCQs and candidates will be examined on 2021 CPGs.
  • From January 1st 2022 – all exams will be on 2021 CPGs.


  October 25th 2021  
  October 26th 2021    November 16th – 18th 2021    December 1st 2021    January 1st 2022  
 Last date to complete MCQs 
 on 2017 CPGs 
 examination blackout 
 EMT OSCEs on 2017 CPGs  Prometric reopen MCQs 
 on 2021 CPGs
 All examinations on 2021 CPGs 

Please also be advised, that if a candidate completes an MCQ on 2017 CPGs, they must show proof of completing a CPG upskilling course with their RI before they can attempt an OSCE on 2021 CPGs (the 6 months rule stating that candidates must successfully complete all components of the NQEMT examination within 6 months of completing their training programme applies). 

Apologies if this causes any candidates an issue, however this is the best timeline PHECC can provide given the array of challenges associated with transitioning between two sets of CPGs for examinations.