CPG 2021 Field Guide Mobile APP release

Please be advised that the PHECC Field Guide Mobile APP has been updated to include a branch for CPG 2021.

  • The update is automatically available in the app and can be selected in settings (Cog located on top right-hand corner of homepage).
  • Once settings have been selected, the CPG 2021 branch will be visible.
  • Tick this branch to select and the app will automatically display CPG 2021 content. Practitioners may also select their appropriate clinical level on this settings page.
  • CPG 2017 branch will also remain available for selection.

Please note that CPG 2021 branch should only be accessed and used by those privileged to CPG 2021 by their Licensed CPG Provider.

Key changes in the 2021 branch are:

All CPGs are contained within the CPG section and align with the new CPG taxonomy. As before, links to other CPGs and medications are available in the additional information tab at the bottom of each CPG (where relevant).

  • There are changes to the Cardiac content under the Assessment tab
  • Safe Aeromedical Helicopter Usage has been updated in the Operations tab on both 2017 & 2021 branches
  • There are significant changes to the Age Per Page content with medications grouped under conditions rather than in alphabetical order. There is increased content on each age page, however, the text can be expanded and is also available in Landscape view on devices.

A PDF version of the CPG 2021 Field Guide will be made available soon.

Should you wish to provide any feedback please e-mail r.carney@phecc.ie