Specification/Scope of Services
  Item/Service Description  
  Report on the Governance Validation Framework (GVF) suitability for ISQUA IEEA accreditation   
  Key Deliverables   Confidential report
  Date for Completion
  Q1 – 2021 - TBD


There is a desire at PHECC to achieve quality-based external accreditation for its Governance Validation Framework (GVF), which is a system designed to quality assure and quality improve the quality of services (Licensed CPG Providers) who deliver pre-hospital care to the public.

PHECC is currently preparing for the GVF system to undertake assessment for accreditation with the International Society for Quality in Health Care and its External Evaluation Association (ISQUA IEEA).

Aim of Tender

To conduct a review the Governance Validation Framework against the ISQUA IEEA standard and the general established principles of quality assurance and improvement systems. This review should reference the ISQUAA IEAA standards and other external standards as appropriate.


Project Aim

  1. Best position PHECC to achieve ISQUA IEEA accreditation with the GVF and make recommendations to achieve accreditation.



  1. Analyse the operating structures and processes of the GVF.
  2. Analyse the PHECC Polices, Processes, Procedures, Guidelines of service provider assessment under GVF.
  3. Identify any gaps in GVF, with relation to IEAA model, in current GVF and its Polices, Processes, Procedures, Guidelines
  4. Review I.T support and communications arrangements in GVF.
  5. Specify a series of Key Performance Indicators related to effectively monitor operations.

Project Output

  1. Confidential report addressed to  addressing the 5 objectives above including a full set of recommendations to achieve best practice and ISQUA IEEA accreditation

RFT Timetable

The timetable below is for guidance only and PHECC reserve the right to amend this timetable at any time at their sole discretion.


Activity   Date (Guide Only)  
 Tender Issued  18/11/2020
 Deadline for Return of Tender  30/11/2020
 Evaluation Completed  3/12/2020
 Presentations by Short-listed Tenderers (if applicable)    N/A
 Contract to be Awarded  4/12/2020
 Contract Date/Goods Required by (approximate)  Q1/2021 - TBC

Evaluation Criteria

The Contract will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender. In assessing tenders, the evaluation may be based on a single criterion. Evaluation may also be completed on the basis of a price fixed by PHECC. Criteria and evaluation methodology used will be at the absolute discretion and judgement of PHECC.

For this RFT evaluation will be on the following basis set out below:

  Price   40
  Total 100  


 The Quality criteria is as set out below:


 Quality  60 % weighting
  Criteria 1    Professional activity in Quality Assurance   
and Quality Improvement in Healthcare
and membership of quality associations
 Criteria 2  Experience in leading, or managing
accreditation for quality assurance and
quality improvement in Healthcare
 Criteria 3  Experience of high-level report writing
and/or quality-based standards review
 Criteria 4  Experience in analysing operational,
management or admin processes and
producing recommendations


  Return submissions to prior to close of business on 3/12/2020

  Download Full Request for Tender Document HERE  

  Further documentation will be available after tender awarding.

  Contact Ricky Ellis, Programme Manager, Clinical Governance on or 086 1414306 if you wish to discuss any aspect of this tender.