Battle Arena 56

PHECC learned that a promoter advertised and sold tickets on Eventbrite for an MMA event on the 25th May in a hotel in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan. A company from Belfast, Northern Ireland called N.I. Sports Medics Ltd was identified by the promoter as the provider of all medical services, including Paramedics and ambulances, for the MMA fight event. NI Sports Medics is not a PHECC recognised Licenced CPG Provider within the Irish State.

Event Cancelled

A letter sent by the PHECC Director, on behalf of Council, was circulated to a wide recipient list. This letter outlined the concerns regarding the situation and included information related to the Coroner's findings relating to the death of fighter João Carvalho who died in Dublin after an MMA fight in April 2016. This letter generated a response from a strong number of quarters and media attention ensued. Ultimately, the Battle Arena 56 event was cancelled by the hotel management. PHECC are grateful to all who participated in producing this result.

Web Based Article 

On foot of the cancellation of the Battle Arena 56 event an article on Combat Arena webpage* was published by  This article contains a specific claim that PHECC wish to refute as inaccurate and false.

PHECC wish to state that NI Sports Medics Ltd organisation did not, and has never submitted an application to PHECC to become a PHECC recognised Licenced CPG Provider within the Irish State. 

Article referenced*: 'Battle Arena II: Official Ireland still loving that Tony Soprano playbook'.