CISM Stress Awareness Training eLearning module 

Internationally most emergency services have implemented Critical Incident Management Systems where Peer Support Workers (PSW’s) and PSW co-ordinators provide support to colleagues to assist in coping with stresses experienced following a traumatic incident. To assist Responders and emergency service personnel, PHECC in partnership with the NAS, has developed the first eLearning module on critical incident stress awareness training.

The module consists of a combination of expert presenters, bespoke video clips and interactive content. It is available free to all Responders and PHECC registered practitioners with plans to roll out further. The module can be accessed anytime and anywhere regardless of the devices being used.

The module should provide you with skills to assist in developing resilience and preparedness to focus on immediate difficulties you may experience as a responder. In addition it should also provide you with skills to deal with all aspects of the daily stresses of life outside the workplace.

Community First Responder


AED Checklist

PHECC has provided a sample AED checklist for responders. This checklist can be adapted to meet the needs of your responder organisation. Regular documented AED checks are recommended.

Update to Cardiac First Response training and practice

From 1st June 2023, all Approved Training Institutions and Recognised Institutions teaching Cardiac First Response courses should resume the teaching, practice, and assessment of all required skills to include rescue breaths.
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