Recognised Institution Role

Prior to each examination the recognised institution must ensure that a course commencement notification form has been submitted to PHECC once a course begins.

Please ensure that:
  1. Fully‐completed exam applications have been sent to PHECC 
  2. Candidates are issued with their exam details by each Recognised Institution (RI); including candidate number, exam dates, time and location, as well as exam date cancellations as advised by PHECC (should they occur).
  3. A suitable exam OSCE centre is available as per current examination facility specification.
  4. All administrative and logistical requirements are met, including the supply of examiners, assisting practitioners and patients.
  5. Candidates have read and understand the terms & conditions (see SECTION 4) relating to attendance at the exam and that non‐compliance will result in the candidate being asked to leave the exam.
  6. All applicants complete the relevant recognised course as currently approved by PHECC or have been requested to sit the exam as part of the accreditation process.
  7. Each candidate has, or will have, undertaken training at the level appropriate to the exam being applied for and that this is verified to PHECC.
Please see links below and to the right of this page containing some supporting documents to assist you in preparing for the NQEMT Examinations.

Examiner Panel 

PHECC Examiners are responsible for assessing candidates at OSCE's and correcting short written answer (SWA) examination papers.
Details are outlined in the Terms of Reference for the panel.

Current examiners for each level:

Examination Quality Group 

The Examination Quality Group is responsible for ensuring the validity and reliability of the NQEMT examination content and facilitating quality improvement of the examination function.
Details are outlined in the Terms of Reference for the group. 

Approved facility specifications

List of approved OSCE Facilities

Roles of the RI/PHECC

EMT OSCE signage template

EMT Equipment List