PHECC has developed on an online portal for Recognised Institution (RI) and Approved Training Institution (ATI) application and course approval application at practitioner (NQEMT) and responder levels. 

New applicants are directed to read the following PHECC documents to confirm that the organisation can comply with all the stated requirements:

  • Quality Review Framework (QRF)
    The QRF provides the mechanism for a regular overview of an institution’s learning and teaching activity. It is designed to evaluate the management and maintenance of education and training standards in course delivery. The QRF refers to the need for established policies and procedures to support quality assurance within the institution recognised to deliver PHECC courses.


Application format:

The portal will allow you to:

  • Complete and submit a recognised institution/approved training institution application form
  • Complete and submit application forms for course delivery for responder and practitioner levels
  • Upload supporting documentation (such as policies and procedures) for the RI/ATI and course applications
  • Make an electronic payments for the RI/ATI application and course fees

PHECC is not accepting hard copy applications for RI/ATI status and courses. You must apply via the online RI/ATI portal. 

Application process:

  • All new applicants must contact the office to arrange a pre-submission meeting with PHECC officers. The email contact for this is At the meeting you must be able to show evidence of capacity to comply with the above requirements.  It is expected that the applicant will have read the associated documentation listed above in preparation for this meeting. Any questions you may have at this stage will be addressed. You will also be advised on how to access the online portal to apply.
  • Pre-approval site visits may also be arranged.
  • Only complete applications with the relevant supporting documentation will be assessed against Council Rules and the Quality Review Framework including course approval criteria. It is in your interest to ensure all documents requested are included to avoid delays. 
  • Applicants will be able to track the progress of their application via the online portal. 


Application outcomes:

  • We aim to inform applicants within 10 weeks of PHECC’s receipt of a complete application which should include all relevant policies, procedures and supporting documents. This includes submission of the signed hard copy of the Statutory Declaration. 
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be informed, relevant feedback will be provided. Unsuccessful applications will be retained by PHECC for a period of 3 months only, after which they will be deleted from PHECC’s database. Any subsequent application will warrant full payment of fees.

Recognised Institution (RI) and Approved Training Institution (ATI) Portal

RI/ATI Application and Renewal Supporting Documentation Checklist

The Recognised Institution Application and Renewal Supporting Documentation Checklist provides a listing of the documents including policies and procedures required for recognised institution or approved training institution status.